Man Disappears with Customer’s Food and Employer’s Motorcycle on First Day of Work

A young man who was newly employed as a delivery man for a company has reportedly run away with the motorbike he was given to work with and the food a client ordered on his first day at work.

The client took to Twitter to narrate the sad story. According to her, the delivery man had picked up her delivery on Monday at 9:30 am but failed to deliver.

She also claimed that the runaway delivery man disabled the bike’s tracker, making it difficult for them to ascertain its exact location. This happened on his first day at work.

Calling on all and sundry to help in apprehending the young man, she shared a photo of him and the said motorbike and wrote:

“Pls help #Abujatwittercommunity. This guy picked up my delivery at 9.30 and didn’t deliver, my friend just called to tell me he has stolen her bike and the tracker was disabled at Dawaki, he started work today and went ahead to steal her bike, Pls RT. Lord help us catch him.”

In a subsequent update, the Abuja-based lady tweeted that the motorbike has been found.

She stated that the young man removed the delivery box after eating the food he was supposed to deliver and turned the motorbike to his personal use.

The lady however lamented that they were unable to apprehend him.

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