Gas Hike: Reps calls for implementation of National Gas Policy, reduction in cost of product

The House of Representatives on Tuesday called on the Federal Government to urgently Implement the Nigerian Gas Policy, with a view to maximizing the benefits of gas resources in the country.

Lamenting the crisis plaguing the implementation of Gas Policy in Nigeria, Hon. Rotimi Agunsoye (APC, Lagos) who moved the motion noted the inability of government to implement its own road map for gas resources as one of the reasons why cooking gas is becoming unaffordable to the common man.

Agunsoye stated that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) otherwise known as cooking gas is the cleanest and cheapest means for everyday cooking in households.

He also noted that Nigeria has the largest natural gas reserve in Africa and holds the 9th position in the world.

He expressed concern that a nationwide sensitization and campaign for the adoption and expansion of the use of cooking gas has been planned by the Federal Government, but yet to take effect.

He said that the Nigerian Gas Policy “is fashioned to boost the oil and gas sector and enhance the economy of the nation as well as boost the domestic market for LPG.”

He added that the Nigerian Gas Policy aims at “moving Nigeria from being a crude oil export-based economy to an extractive oil and gas-based industrial economy.”

According to him, “a proper harnessing of LPG could lead Nigeria to become a gas-based industrial nation while satisfying local demands.”

He also observed that the years 2020-2030 have been marked by the Federal Government as the “decade of gas” aimed to achieve actualization of gas for all in the country for use in homes, vehicles and industries.

The lawmaker however expressed dissatisfaction with the recent surge in the price of cooking gas in the open market, saying that “cooking gas which cost only about N4,000 in July 2021 now costs about N8,000 with an all-time high of about N9,000 during 2021 yuletide season, standing at over 100% increase within one year.”

The motion further argued that “the implementation of the gas policy will not only increase the domestic use of cooking in more households but would have a greater economic scale which would reduce the price for more affordability.”

He prayed the House to impress it on the executive arm to “ensure the availability and proper distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and the actualization of the gains of the Nigerian Gas Policy as well as controlled pricing geared towards affordability for citizens.”

The House therefore resolved that the Federal Government “should implement the Nigerian Gas Policy as well as make immediate intervention to force down the rising cost of cooking gas in Nigeria.”

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