Akwa Ibom State Government has, with immediate effect, banned the activities of scrap scavengers in the State following several incidents of grave infractions including acts of criminality and threat to peaceful inter-ethnic relationship in the state by operators of this enterprise.

The action of Government is also in consonance with public sentiments amidst popular complaints against the activities of these scavengers who wantonly violate people’s properties, stealing and assaulting law abiding citizens in the process.

Recall that on 2nd Jan, 2022 scavengers violated the premises of a citizen in Afaha Oku, Uyo Local Government Area in an attempt to cart away properties. While attempting to prevent the scavengers, the citizen was heartlessly murdered in cold blood while mob action was visited on the scavenger assailants causing the death of the two scavengers.

Similarly, Government has observed with dismay and serious concern the flagrant defiance of the ban on motor cycle operations within Uyo metropolis and environs. This ban order is hereby reiterated with a warning that defaulters stand to lose not only their motor cycles, if apprehended, but also risk being prosecuted and possibly sentenced.

Security agencies and the general public are therefore put on notice. An enforcement structure has been put in place to affect these directives.

The general public should be rest-assured that the Government of Akwa Ibom State will leave no stones unturned in ensuring the safety of lives and properties as well as the peace and security of the State

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