African Union To Meet With Putin Over Blockage Of Cereals, Fertilisers

Senegalese President Macky Sall, The Head of African Union, will speak with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in the southwestern Russian city of Sochi on Friday, Darkar said.

The visit would seek to free up stocks of cereals and fertilisers, focusing on the supply to African countries, along with calming the Ukraine conflict, the President’s office said on Thursday.

The visit was arranged after getting an invitation by Putin, and Mack Sall will journey with the president of the African Union Commission, his office added.

The African Union will also be virtually addressed by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, although a date has not been confirmed. 

African nations have suffered inflation of fuel, grain, and fertilisers, which is one consequence of the Ukraine and Russia war.

Sall had earlier appealed to European Union leaders to help ease the crises on essential commodities, adding that their decision to ban Russian banks from the SWIFT financial messaging system could disrupt food supplies to the continent.

The crisis comes on the heels of various sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations following their February 24 invasion of Ukraine, in an attempt to punish Moscow for their one-sided military action.

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